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Bridge of Hope

The opportunity is to build bridge(s) to connect semi-isolated areas in Indonesia. This bridge will help the people who live in the surrounding areas by providing safer means of access to reach their destinations.

At the end of October the “BMT Giveback 2015” project kicked off.

A team consisting of two BMT Asia Pacific personnel, Afta and Andrzej, together with Arif who manages our partner NGO “Yayasan Relawan Kampung Indonesia”, visited a number of locations in Banten Province in Western Java.

They were looking to select the most appropriate site for the “Bridge of Hope” from a shortlist of communities in need.

Out of the 3 visited locations, crossing of Ciliman River, connecting the villages of Desa Mekarjaya and Desa Sukaresmi offered the best conditions in terms of access, community benefit and technical feasibility.

Upon the site selection, works on the project site followed up with a geotechnical survey taking place at the beginning of December.

The bridge design phase is underway, with BMT staff reviewing and advising on the proposed design made by Relawan Kampung team and experienced freelance engineers.

Currently to cross the river, locals make use of a raft made from plastic barrels tied to wooden planks, forming a platform for pedestrians and motorcycles. It is a crowded and dangerous way to cross, particularly when the river is high. The raft is propelled by a raftman who pulls a line suspended over the river.  In order to go to the other side of the river without using this precarious means of transport, it is a 4km detour on dirt road, which can be a two hour drive during rainy season.

At the beginning of December, which also marks the beginning of rainy season, soil data at the site was collected by carrying out a Cone Penetration Test (CPT).

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Relawan Kampung

Relawan Kampung

BMT is working closely with their NGO partner Yayasan Relawan Kampung Indonesia (YRKI)

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