Problem Solving / Troubleshooting, Test and Measurement

BMT has unique capabilities in terms of being able to diagnose problems and early failures by recording critical parameters such as loads, stresses and hydraulic pressures during operation.

Machinery Problem Diagnostics

BMT has a very comprehensive range of sophisticated instrumentation and recording equipment for measuring critical parameters such as loads, stresses and hydraulic pressures. Measurements of this kind often provide the key to diagnosing the cause of mining machinery problems or failures. Moreover they provide the best possible basis for re-engineering to fix a problem. BMT has long experience in designing custom transducers to measure machine behaviour when suitable off-the-shelf transducers do not exist.

Performance, Safety and Design Verification Testing

For mining companies wishing to verify the performance, safety or design of new or existing machines we provide performance and design verification testing independent of OEMs.

Vibration Monitoring

Advice, interpretation, hardware or software supply, or total program management, for the more complex and difficult vibration problems, BMT provides powerful multi-channel measurement and analysis to identify the source of problems and their solutions.

Long Term On-line Monitoring, Data Logging

For problems which only occur intermittently, and for capturing long term trends, BMT provides on-line monitoring instrumentation, coupled to data loggers programmed for the specific requirements of each machine or system problem.

Remote Interrogation

For critical items of equipment, a low cost communication link to a site or to one of BMT’s offices allows rapid, effective interrogation and very cost effective management of a condition monitoring program.

Testing of Rotating Machines

BMT specialises in measurement of torque, stress and vibration on rotating machines, using radio telemetry links to transmit the measurement data to a recording station. To understand machine performance, it is often useful to quantify real torque levels rather than rely on damped electrical signals.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in Australia.

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