Cargo Consultancy

Each type of cargo has to be handled in a specific way and the closed nature of containers can conceal possible damage until arrival at the final destination. BMT is a world leader in providing advice and guidance for all types of cargo handling.

In addition to the consolidated manuals on cargo handling, BMT has further launched, the world's largest online database for cargo transportation in the marine industry. As a rich source of knowledge, BMT aims to provide and share information on cargo transportation with the wider market and therefore help to reduce the number of cargo incidents and claims that occur.

Calculations of Lashing and Securing Forces

The stowage of containers, as well as for any other deck cargo, is very much based on complex calculations of forces for which the use of computers and lashing software is recommended. BMT has staff trained in this software who are able to calculate these forces. 

A large range of tests and simulations can be conducted on a laboratory scale, however the real test always occurs at sea. Testing can include the calculation of forces, testing of lashing equipment and containers, hydrodynamic modelling, market intelligence and trend analyses as well as expert witness and case reviews for lawyers and arbitration.

Container Collapse

BMT has extensive experience in the investigation of collapse of container stows and has an outstanding track record in forensic investigation and providing independent advice to ship owners, liner companies, P&I clubs or underwriters for loss-prevention and claim / litigation procedures.

Food and Perishables

In the event of damage to perishable cargo BMT is able to conduct investigations into the nature, extent and cause of damage. BMT can also provide performance reviews of reefer containers and reefer vessels. Reefer data is analysed and a thorough nautical survey can be performed.

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Dry Bulk

Bulk carriers, or bulkers, are ships designed primarily for the transportation of solid bulk cargoes. These cargoes are generally uniform in composition and are loaded directly into the cargo space without any intermediate form of containment.

BMT can conduct ship inspections, risk assessments, investigations into the nature, extent and cause of damage, ultrasonic hatchcover testing, sampling and testing and provide advice on dry bulk transport and storage requirements and the liquefaction of cargoes.

Heavy Lift and Project Cargo

Heavy lift shipping is a very particular trade, often involving the sea transportation of extremely heavy and voluminous loads, requiring special care and preparation.

BMT can provide a number of services to increase the speed, efficiency and safety of these cargoes including inspections, calculation of forces and required lashings, strength calculations, towage approvals, route analyses and advice including weather and seastate forecasts and advice and supervision on stowage and seafastening.

Oil, Gas and Chemicals

The investigation of claims on liquid bulk cargo requires an analytical approach through the use of special laboratories for sampling and analysing and also checking the vast amount of records made by the crew during pre-loading and transportation. Services carried out by BMT include incident investigation, investigations into cause and extent of cargo claim / loss, investigation into quality, quantity and condition disputes, fire and explosion investigation, bunker quality disputes, environmental impact studies and a range of advice from tank cleaning and inspections to spills and clean-ups.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium.

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