Khintla Village Project

  • BMT volunteers arriving in the village

    Volunteers Arriving

    A group of eight volunteers from BMT offices in Canada, the UK, Indonesia and Australia were chosen to visit the village to support the community with the BMT Giveback project.

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  • Lady from Khintla Village

    The Community

    The community has established a common fund, provided local knowledge and is involved in a woman's association to drive health related issues.

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  • Village life

    The Village

    The village of Khintla is a small village, in the province of Gujarat, with a population of around 2,950 in 425 households.

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  • Giveback thumbnail 3

    The Work in the Village

    The people of Khintla have worked with the AKRSP, WASMO and other partners to make improvements to their village. The community owns, operates and maintains new water storage tanks and has been involved with the build of the sewerage system.

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  • Volunteers in the community

    Volunteers in the Community

    The volunteers spent time with villagers in Khintla, as well as helping with the work being undertaken to build a new sewerage system for the village.

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  • Volunteers at washing area

    The Volunteers at Work

    The volunteers helped with the Aga Khan washing area in the village, as well as planting trees and spending time with the village children.

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  • Khintla villagers at the inauguration ceremony

    Inauguration Ceremony

    On 10 October 2012, BMT Group CEO Peter French visited Khintla to celebrate the completion of the sewerage network. He saw at first hand the work which BMT has been undertaking in consultation with the villagers and BMT Project Partners.

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