About BMT

BMT is a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy with a reputation for engineering excellence. We're driven by a belief that things can always be better, safer, faster and more efficient.

  • BMT staff at work

    What We Do

    From initial concept through to design, construction, operation and eventual decommissioning, we support clients at every stage of the project lifecycle.

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  • BMT Heritage generic image

    Our Heritage

    BMT was established in 1985 by bringing together research and technology organisations that traced their roots back to the beginning of the 20th century.

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    Our Independence

    Our customers value impartial, expert advice and we value the freedom to deliver it without any potential conflict of interest from external stakeholders.

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  • Executive committee

    Corporate Governance

    The members of our Board of Directors use their considerable industry experience and business leadership to develop BMT’s mission, vision and strategy

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  • BMT-designed interactive image depicting corporate sustainability

    Corporate Sustainability

    Being a good corporate citizen is fundamental to BMT's ethos and we are striving to become a more sustainable business.

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  • Modern Slavery Act

    Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

    In compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, BMT is committed to social and environmental responsibility and has zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking. Slavery and human trafficking can occur in many forms, such as forced labour, child labour, domestic servitude, sex trafficking, and related forms of workplace abuse.

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  • Health, Safety and Well-being

    Health, Safety and Wellbeing

    Looking after our staff is key to our success

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  • Anne Segall and David McSweeney with BMT's "Sunday Times 100 Best Companies" award.

    Awards and Accreditations

    Industry recognition of the excellence that our staff deliver through superior services and products is very important to us.

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  • Khintla villager with livestock

    BMT Giveback

    BMT Giveback was born as a result of our desire to use the skills, knowledge and expertise of BMT’s employees to address global problems that impact negatively on people’s lives.

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  • trade associations

    Memberships and Affiliations

    Learn more about our links to the industry partners and organisations who provide BMT with a wealth of knowledge on the latest engineering, science and technological developments.

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